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Automation, a Belgian engineering company, active since 1961 in electrical power, has grown into a level of competence delivering best in class low voltage electrical Power and Datacenter Facilities solutions.


The Business Unit “Datacenter Facilities” is a spin-off from Automation, dedicated to Prefabricated Modular Datacenters. Pioneering in Telecom since 1997 with an installed base of 600 units ranging from Cable Landing Stations, Repeater Stations to Disaster Recovery Sites, this expertise and know-how has been applied in the design and manufacturing of IT-solutions.

Automation Datacenter Facilities covers All-in-One Prefabricated Datacenters, Modular Utility Platforms composed by IT Modules and Facilities Modules. The solutions can be tailor-made as well as co-developed to the specific needs of the customers.



Automation Datacenter Facilities

Prefabricated Datacenter Solutions

Automation’s SAFE (Secure, Autonomous, Flexible and Efficient) Prefabricated Datacenter offers a fast, flexible and efficient solution to achieve the highest quality standards for your datacenter or telecom center. Keeping your ICT free from hazards and fully supporting the high performance requirements of your ICT to run your business.

With factory build lead-time of 12 weeks, this All-in-One solution provides best in class technology and offers performance configurations optimized for power and density allowing you to adapt the capacity of your physical infrastructure quickly.


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