The #1 in Hyperconverged Infrastructure Adopting Latest PowerEdge Servers

One way that organizations are transforming their business is through hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). The agility, scalability and flexibility HCI delivers continues to drive customer adoption, with the industry growing close to 50% since this time last year. And once again, thanks to our fantastic customers, Dell EMC is #1 in HCI system sales with 32% share.[1]

What makes the Dell EMC HCI portfolio so powerful? One big reason is that our portfolio is built on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers. That’s right, the #1 hyperconverged systems portfolio is powered by the #1 server portfolio, and, together, we offer industry-leading solutions, built on architecture optimized for HCI workloads, that deliver the latest and greatest technology.

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Source: DellEMC




22-08-2019 - Dell Technologies


The Power of Data - Dell

Watch the webcast by Michael Dell about the power of data at the AI Summit. 

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22-11-2018 - Dell Technologies


Live Optics - real-world data for IT decisions.

Start your IT Transformation with the facts.

In the digital economy, organizations need to modernize and transform IT to innovate faster and stay competitive. But purchasing decisions can seem risky without a clear and comprehensive view of your current IT environment and workloads, especially when budgets are limited. Aggregating and analyzing data from individual servers to make purchasing decisions can lead to overspending. To modernize your infrastructure, you need to understand how workloads impact each other in a shared environment over time. Live Optics creates transparency, so you can accurately see and diagnose your unique IT needs and control the buying process.

Welcome to Live Optics.

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